Another Wonky One. 1985.

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1985 Skate Canada at The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins

Not one but two Skate Canada pins from the 1980s feature failed attempts at calligraphic lettering. The 1985 Skate Canada pin is one of the two, with letters and numerals that are uneven in size and form, crowded and inconsistently spaced, and off-axis. There is just no two ways about it: it’s bad. That’s unfortunate for a high-caliber event like Skate Canada. The 1983 Skate Canada event features similarly failed lettering.

It’s purely conjecture, but the letters and numerals perhaps were reproduced from artwork originally hand-drawn by an individual with limited understanding of both calligraphy and typography. A calligraphic pen does not a skilled artist make. On the positive side, the unusual shape of the 1985 Skate Canada pin helps to set it apart from others. The pin, on a gold-colored base metal with white and red enamel fills, measures approximately 1-3/8″ x 1-1/8″ (3.5 cm x 2.9 cm).

For 1985 Skate Canada, the pin issued for the event is mostly notable for how bad the lettering is that’s used for the event name and year.

At the center of the pin, in red and stretching into the upper rounded portion, is the familiar Skate Canada logo, although slightly redrawn and portions repositioned from prior years’ versions. Just below the logo, in gold, is the event name, year, and location: “Skate Canada ’85, London, Ontario.” Tucked into the outstretched arm and leg of the logo is a small maple leaf in gold. This Skate Canada event, unlike others before it, does not appear to have issued a larger or specially marked version of the pin, which was typically given to officials and competitors.

Enjoy Another Wonky One. 1985.

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