That Was Unexpected. 1973.

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1973 Canadian Championships at The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins

When the 1973 Canadian Figure Skating Championships came to town, the seaport city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, could already boast an impressive record of hosting major figure skating and winter sports events, including the 1960 World Championships. By historical accounts, the 1973 Canadians was an “as expected” year with regard to championship results.

Somewhat unexpected was the event lapel pin, if expectations ever could be placed on such an item. So many pins from major championships are circular or rectangular in shape that the inverted “U” design of the 1973 Canadians pin made it a refreshing and stand out souvenir for figure skating pin collectors. Measuring approximately 5/8″ x 5/8″ (1.6 cm x 1.6 cm), the pin is on a gold-colored base metal with enamel fills.

A dark green border frames the center design on the 1973 Canadians pin, and the gold color combines to create an overall striking design.

The center of the pin features a plain illustration of a figure skating pair set inside laurel leaves that envelope them from the bottom up, all on a white background. Threaded neatly around the laurel is the event title: “Canadian Figure Skating Championships.” Below the skaters are the event year and location: “1973-Vancouver.” To the left and right is the obligatory maple leaf. What would a Canadians pin be without at least one maple leaf? Indeed. Also, somewhat interestingly, a hyphen is used between 1973 and Vancouver rather than the expected word space. A dark green border frames the center artwork, and the gold color combines to create an overall striking design.

Enjoy That Was Unexpected. 1973.

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