1963 Canadian Figure Skating Championships Pin: The Crown.

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Pin is among the first issued for a Canadian Figure Skating Championship

Held in Edmonton, Alberta, at the Royal Glenora Club, a private sports and social club, the 1963 Canadian Figure Skating Championships were marked by a high quality, multi-color pin in enamel. It is one of the finest pins issued for a Canadian Championships. The crown design atop the pin hints of royalty, and over the club’s 60-year history, it certainly can boast about the figure skating royalty that has trained at its center. From Kurt Browning to Jamie Salé and David Pelletier to Kristi Yamaguchi, to name a few, the Royal Glenora Club has been home ice for many notable skaters.

Pin Gallery: 1963 Canadian Figure Skating Championships

The 1963 Canadian Figure Skating Championships is one of the earliest known national competitions of Canada to have been commemorated with an event pin.1 The shield-style design of the logo pin is not typically seen, and it is both creative and visually appealing. On a gold-color base metal, the pin shows excellent design and quality, benchmarks of a time gone by when lapel pins were things of beauty and mirrored the importance of an event.

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Approximately 13/16″ x 1-1/4″ (2 cm x 3.2 cm)

$25 to $30, depending on condition

The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins acquired the pin in 1999 as part of the Bill Neale collection. Bill was a Canadian competitor in the 1960s and competed in the 1963 Canadians where he placed third and earned a spot on the 1963 World Championships team.

At the base of the crown is “C.S.F.A.,” the abbreviation for Canadian Figure Skating Association (today more simply called Skate Canada). The main body of the pin, divided horizontally in blue and red, features a semi-circular banner in white that carries the event name: “Canadian Championships.” Just below the banner and in the center is an illustration of a 1960s-style boot and blade, also in white and slightly angled to lend interest. Anchoring the bottom are the club name, location, and year: “Royal Glenora, Edmonton, 1963.” The city name is enclosed in a contrasting white banner that extends left and right beyond the shape of the shield. The year is tucked into the point of the shield with the numerals neatly contoured to the shape.

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1According to several Canadian collectors, this pin is generally believed to be the first (or among the first) issued for a Canadian Championships. If anyone has information to either corroborate or refute this belief, please email The Netropolitan.

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