A Different Kind of Stampede. 1977.

Figure Skating Pins Profile: 1977 Canadian Championships Eleven years before there was a call to "Come Together in Calgary" for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games, the 1977 Canadian Figure Skating Championships brought a different kind of stampede—the best skaters in the land—to Calgary to compete for national titles. And what would any event held in… Continue reading A Different Kind of Stampede. 1977.

Lighting the Way. 1978.

Figure Skating Pins Profile: 1978 Canadian Championships Victoria, British Columbia, on Canada's west coast, is known for many things: the magnificent Empress Hotel and afternoon tea; abundant flowers from prolific gardens, including the famed Butchart Gardens; an elegant, old-world style that helps define the nearly 180-year-old provincial capital; the world's largest freestanding totem pole; and… Continue reading Lighting the Way. 1978.

Innsbruck Via London. 1976.

1976 Canadian Championships at The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins What sport collectible almost always comes with a red maple leaf worked somewhere into the design? If your first thought was a figure skating pin from Canada, then you're as sharp as figure skating blades themselves. And right at the center of the pin… Continue reading Innsbruck Via London. 1976.

A Canadian One and Done. 1975.

1975 Canadian Championships at The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins Quebec City, capital of the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec, is a sister city of sorts to Tulsa, Oklahoma, when it comes to frequency of having hosted a national figure skating championship. Each city has hosted their respective national event exactly one time—creating an… Continue reading A Canadian One and Done. 1975.

Let It Snow(flake). 1974.

Canada's Maritime Provinces, Moncton, New Brunswick, welcomed Canada's finest figure skaters for the 1974 Canadian Figure Skating Championships. An unusually shaped event pin, a hexagon, marked the occasion and repeated the shape used for the pin that commemorated the 1972 World Championships, held in Calgary. The hexagon would make another appearance on a major championship pin in Canada when it was used for the the 1987 Skate Canada event.