1972 World Figure Skating Championships Pin: Come Together in Calgary.

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An unusual and bold shape defines the 1972 World Championships pin

Sixteen years before the world would “Come Together in Calgary” for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games, the world came together in that city for the 1972 World Figure Skating Championships, commemorated with an unusual and memorable pin. The hexagonal shape and bright orange color create a striking pin that stands out from other pins issued for major figure skating events. The 1972 World Championships pin also has the distinction of being the first for a world event to feature an epoxy coating or filling.

According to the U.S. judge who presided at the men’s event, the Calgary pin was given only to ISU delegates, competitors, judges, officials, and skating union officials. Accordingly, the pin has become a rarity in the world of figure skating pin collecting, not only for its unique and appealing design but because of its limited distribution. There is a known issue with the pin, however, whereby the epoxy coating can chip or become detached from the pin, particularly around the edges of the skater.

Pin Gallery: 1972 World Figure Skating Championships

A fluid and modern interpretation of a figure skater executing a spiral, in black against the orange background, sits at the center of the 1972 World Figure Skating Championships pin. The familiar Canadian maple leaf—that nation’s beloved symbol—is superimposed over a globe, signifying both the host nation’s identity and the worldwide reach of the championship. The event is noted simply: “World’s 72 Calgary.” As has been noted at The Netropolitan on other occasions, the incorrect use of “World’s” as a possessive, rather than the plural it should be, is most unfortunate. The same misuse appears on pins issued for the 1978 World Championships and the 1984 World Championships, both held in Ottawa.

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Approximately 1-3/8″ x 1-1/4″ (3.5 cm x 3.2 cm)

$15 to $30, depending on condition; if the epoxy dome is compromised (chipped or detached), the pin has virtually no value

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