Leningrad 20 Years Later. 1990.

Figure Skating Pins Profile: 1990 European Championships. Twenty years had passed since the last European Figure Skating Championships had been staged in Leningrad, USSR.1 So it was, perhaps, a momentous occasion when the 1990 Europeans came to that city in late January. Their 1970 predecessor event was now a distant memory, and new memories were… Continue reading Leningrad 20 Years Later. 1990.

Black Ice in Tokyo, Part II. 1985.

Figure Skating Pins Profile: 1985 World Championships For just the second time in World Figure Skating Championships history, the event was held outside Europe or North America when it returned to Tokyo in 1985. The city once again welcomed competitors from around the globe to Yoyogi National Stadium for the early March event and once… Continue reading Black Ice in Tokyo, Part II. 1985.

A Different Kind of Stampede. 1977.

Figure Skating Pins Profile: 1977 Canadian Championships Eleven years before there was a call to "Come Together in Calgary" for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games, the 1977 Canadian Figure Skating Championships brought a different kind of stampede—the best skaters in the land—to Calgary to compete for national titles. And what would any event held in… Continue reading A Different Kind of Stampede. 1977.

The Dortmund Three. 1983.

Figure Skating Pins Profile: 1983 European Championships Good things come in threes, it is said. The proof? Well, think of ... Wishes. Triplets. Little pigs. Wise men. Columbus' ships. Figure skating pins. That last one may not be as well known to all, and to be more specific about it, consider the pins made to… Continue reading The Dortmund Three. 1983.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside. 1987.

Figure Skating Pins Profile: 1987 World Junior Championships By 1986, Kitchener-Waterloo, in Canada's Ontario province, was an old pro hosting major figure skating events like the Canadian Figure Skating Championships and Skate Canada, having seen those events contested there in 1980 and 1982, respectively. The city welcomed another major event and the world's best junior… Continue reading Baby, It’s Cold Outside. 1987.