1957 World Figure Skating Championships Pins: A Roundup from the Rodeo.

Profile: 1957 World Figure Skating Championships Pins Some of the finest figure skating pins from World Championships come from events held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the skating mecca in the near-middle portion of the state. It never hurt, either, that those events were held at the famed Broadmoor Ice Palace (later, the World Arena) formerly… Continue reading 1957 World Figure Skating Championships Pins: A Roundup from the Rodeo.

Rocky Mountain Trajectory. 1985.

1985 World Junior Championships at The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins The 1985 World Junior Figure Skating Championships, held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the famed Broadmoor World Arena, were largely forgettable except for one reason: the emergence of Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov as the gold standard in pairs figure skating. Gordeeva and… Continue reading Rocky Mountain Trajectory. 1985.

Rush to the Rockies. 1959.

Rushing to Colorado Springs, Colorado, from the world over—north, south, east, and west—those who gathered for the 1959 World Figure Skating Championships were greeted with a lapel pin that truly captured the elements of the sport, the location, and the international aspect of the prestigious annual event. It was the second time in as many years that Colorado Springs, a skating mecca, had hosted the World event.

Let’s Hear it for the Red, White, and Blue. 1976.

The red, white, and blue patriotism of the Bicentennial is clearly reflected in the pin issued for the 1976 U.S. Figure Skating Championships—an unusual, long bar shape, something not seen in any other U.S. Championships pin before or after.

At The Broadmoor Plus Four. 1969.

There is a sharp contrast in the look and feel between the pins issued for the 1969 World Figure Skating Championships and those issued for the 1965 event. Although pins from both years are high quality and well-produced, the 1969 pins exhibit a decidedly sleeker and more modern look versus the much more traditional and elegant look of those from 1965.