Finland, Finland, Finland! II. 1977.

In late January in Helsinki, Finland, the top skaters from around Europe gathered for the 1977 European Figure Skating Championships to determine the best on the continent in singles, pairs, and dance. To mark the occasion of the 1977 Europeans, a simple pin with an epoxy dome applied over a hot-stamped/printed design was issued.

Finland, Finland, Finland! 1983.

The pin issued for the 1983 World Figure Skating Championships features rounded corners and a colorful palette of blue, white, and red. At the top of the pin are the event year and name: "1983 World Figure Skating Championships." A heart is used as a separator between the year and the word "World," an element borrowed from the identity of the Finnish Skating Association in use at the time. A large, stylized skate blade in blue dominates the lower portion of the pin, which also features the location: "Helsinki-Finland."