1980 World Figure Skating Championships Pin: A Missed Opportunity.

Profile: Lapel Pins – 1980 World Championships, Dortmund, West Germany Rightly or wrongly, the city of Dortmund, Germany, is known more as an industrial hub rather than as a glamorous and cosmopolitan city like Munich or Berlin. But that fact hasn't stopped Dortmund from a racking up a long history of hosting major figure skating events,… Continue reading 1980 World Figure Skating Championships Pin: A Missed Opportunity.

The Dortmund Three. 1983.

Figure Skating Pins Profile: 1983 European Championships Good things come in threes, it is said. The proof? Well, think of ... Wishes. Triplets. Little pigs. Wise men. Columbus' ships. Figure skating pins. That last one may not be as well known to all, and to be more specific about it, consider the pins made to… Continue reading The Dortmund Three. 1983.

The Loop Emerges. 1964.

Figure Skating Pins Profile: 1964 World Championships Just shy of a month after the Olympic Winter Games, the 1964 World Figure Skating Championships opened in Dortmund, West Germany, at the Westfalenhallen. Dortmund had previously hosted one major international figure skating event—the 1953 European Championships—so this was the first world figure skating meet held there. The… Continue reading The Loop Emerges. 1964.

Eiskunstlauf in Dortmund. 1953.

Featuring a stylized and sleek snowflake in contrasting black and white as the central design element, the 1953 European Championships pin is unique in design. Few pins for major figure skating pins incorporate a snowflake, which is unusual given that the sport is a wintertime activity.