Fancy Skating in Manchester. 1912.

The year 1912 is perhaps most remembered for the sinking of the British passenger liner RMS Titanic on April 15 during its maiden voyage. But just a few weeks prior to that disaster, the best men and pairs skaters gathered in the United Kingdom, in Manchester, for the 1912 World Figure Skating Championships. The medal shown here is another in the collection of The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins that was presented to Olympic and World champions Ludowika Eilers and Walter Jakobsson for their second place finish in pairs at the event.

Two of a Kind. 1924.

In 1924, for only the fourth time in its relatively short history, the World Figure Skating Championships were held in the United Kingdom, this time in Manchester. Although record books can easily provide a list of who won what and when in the world of figure skating, little is known about pins from events that took place decades ago. That is true of the 1924 World Figure Skating Championships.