At the Berliner Eispalast. 1926.

A large, heavy participant medal is a glorious and lasting piece of history made to commemorate the 1926 World Figure Skating Championships, held in Berlin, Germany, for men and pairs. The exceptional design and production value of the medal are evidenced in the detail. A central male figure skater in a classic pose commands attention on the outdoor ice surface, skating with apparent unbridled abandon.

Two of a Kind. 1924.

In 1924, for only the fourth time in its relatively short history, the World Figure Skating Championships were held in the United Kingdom, this time in Manchester. Although record books can easily provide a list of who won what and when in the world of figure skating, little is known about pins from events that took place decades ago. That is true of the 1924 World Figure Skating Championships.

The Bronze Age. 1925.

At the 1925 World Figure Skating Championships, which took place for men and pairs in February of that year in Vienna, Austria, it was a banner championship for the host country, with Austrian skaters taking gold in both disciplines contested. The raid on world figure skating medals by Austria didn't stop there. Austrian men also… Continue reading The Bronze Age. 1925.

Austria Goes One-Two. 1928.

This handsome and colorful pin and ribbon combination commemorates the 1928 European Figure Skating Championships, held in Troppau, Czechslovakia (today known as Opava, Czech Republic) some 92 years ago. Very much indicative of the era, the main pin is affixed to a silk ribbon, in this case one that represents the regional or city flag… Continue reading Austria Goes One-Two. 1928.