The Bratislava Loop. 1958.

Figure Skating Pins Profile: 1958 European Championships "Behind the Iron Curtain," where one dared never to go, was Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, site of the 1958 European Figure Skating Championships and where a large contingent of the continent's best figure skaters joined for strong competition in late January and early February. Like many other European Championships (and… Continue reading The Bratislava Loop. 1958.

The Ladies of Prague. 1939.

In the gallery below, The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins has on display a participant medal from the 1939 World Championships where ladies from seven nations competed for the title of best in the world. This medal would have been produced for and given to competitors and possibly event officials.

Compass and Creativity. 1938.

The pin made to commemorate the 1938 European Figure Skating Championships for pairs is an unusual stamped metal design that features a colorful fabric ribbon adorned with a metal embellishment at the tip. Not only does the pin mark the occasion of the European Championships, but it also celebrates the 70th anniversary of the formation of the Troppau Eislauf Verein (TEV).