The Ladies of Prague. 1939.

In the gallery below, The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins has on display a participant medal from the 1939 World Championships where ladies from seven nations competed for the title of best in the world. This medal would have been produced for and given to competitors and possibly event officials.

Craftsmanship On Display. 1938.

Dateline: Berlin, Germany, 1938, just less than a year and half before the onset of World War II. By all accounts, it was a dark and oppressive time, with the rise to power of those who sought, through any means, to control or silence all who disagreed with their singular political and cultural agendas and… Continue reading Craftsmanship On Display. 1938.

For Achievement in Pair Skating. 1937.

Commemorative medals, often issued by a host federation, were commonly presented to medal winners and others at early World Figure Skating Championships and European Figure Skating Championships. Such is the case with the provenance-laden medal featured in this gallery, given for second place in pairs skating at the 1937 World Figure Skating Championships, held in London, England.

Compass and Creativity. 1938.

The pin made to commemorate the 1938 European Figure Skating Championships for pairs is an unusual stamped metal design that features a colorful fabric ribbon adorned with a metal embellishment at the tip. Not only does the pin mark the occasion of the European Championships, but it also celebrates the 70th anniversary of the formation of the Troppau Eislauf Verein (TEV).

That’s Entertainment! 1939.

At the 1939 European Figure Skating Championships, held in London, England, for ladies, an octagonal-shaped pin with ribbon was issued and is a fine reminder of a golden age of figure skating.