1962 World Figure Skating Championships Pins: Prague Redux.

Profile: Lapel Pins and Participant Medal from the 1962 World Figure Skating Championships, Prague, Czechoslovakia Following the February 1961 crash of Sabena Airlines Flight #548, which killed the entire U.S. figure skating world team—plus coaches, parents, family members, and dozens of others—and the subsequent cancellation of the 1961 World Figure Skating Championships scheduled for Prague,… Continue reading 1962 World Figure Skating Championships Pins: Prague Redux.

The Ladies of Prague. 1939.

In the gallery below, The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins has on display a participant medal from the 1939 World Championships where ladies from seven nations competed for the title of best in the world. This medal would have been produced for and given to competitors and possibly event officials.

Strength and Solidarity of Form. 1937.

The large and heavy participant medal issued to commemorate the 1937 European Figure Skating Championships is stark and utilitarian in design, perhaps reflective of the uncertain political climate in Czechoslovakia in the late 1930s.