Innsbruck Via London. 1976.

1976 Canadian Championships at The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins What sport collectible almost always comes with a red maple leaf worked somewhere into the design? If your first thought was a figure skating pin from Canada, then you're as sharp as figure skating blades themselves. And right at the center of the pin… Continue reading Innsbruck Via London. 1976.

Sapporo Via London. 1972.

The 1972 Canadian Figure Skating Championships were marked with a handsome lapel pin reflective of both the time and culture. Many figure skating pins issued for events are adorned with local or national symbols, and that is certainly the case with the 1972 Canadians pin. Sitting proudly in the center is the Canadian maple leaf in red, with a figure skating pair superimposed in contrasting white and gray.

Another Wonky One. 1985.

1985 Skate Canada at The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins Not one but two Skate Canada pins from the 1980s feature failed attempts at calligraphic lettering. The 1985 Skate Canada pin is one of the two, with letters and numerals that are uneven in size and form, crowded and inconsistently spaced, and off-axis. There… Continue reading Another Wonky One. 1985.

London (the One in Canada). 1981.

For the 1981 World Junior Figure Skating Championships in London, Ontario, Canada, two handsome lapel pins were issued, one a regular event pin available to the general public and a second, "reverse" design, made for competitors and officials. Each of the all-enamel pins—in a white, blue, and red palette—is on a gold-color base metal.

For Achievement in Pair Skating. 1937.

Commemorative medals, often issued by a host federation, were commonly presented to medal winners and others at early World Figure Skating Championships and European Figure Skating Championships. Such is the case with the provenance-laden medal featured in this gallery, given for second place in pairs skating at the 1937 World Figure Skating Championships, held in London, England.