Limited Edition Pin. 1987.

Figure Skating Pins Profile: 1987 Skate Canada According to a report in Skating magazine on the 1987 Skate Canada competition, held in Calgary, Canada, the pin issued to commemorate the event was produced in limited number and sold out before the event had concluded. That left collectors and others attending the event who not yet… Continue reading Limited Edition Pin. 1987.

Ottawa: Canada’s Skateway. 1981.

For the 1981 Skate Canada event, two pins were issued: a standard pin for sale to the public and a second, larger version given only to competitors, officials, and volunteers. The standard pin is on a silver-color base metal with red enamel fill; generous radial corners create both visual interest and a pleasing profile. The larger version of the pin swaps out the silver background for white but features the same overall design.

Highly Irregular. 1986.

As figure skating pins go, by and large, the pin made to commemorate the 1986 Skate Canada International is striking. Not so much because it is beautiful or even well-produced. But because it is different. In a world where pins are routinely round or rectangular in shape with little creativity, a pin with an irregular shape and angles is a welcomed changed. The familiar Skate Canada logo is used to good advantage in a strobe effect, something not seen before on Skate Canada pins.

Canadian Lookalikes. 1973–1980.

The 1973 Skate Canada International, the inaugural event of the senior-level invitational, was held in Calgary, Alberta, just a year and half after the 1972 World Figure Skating Championships had taken place there. From 1973 through 1980, Skate Canada was the only annual major international figure skating competition contested in North America.

Another Wonky One. 1985.

1985 Skate Canada at The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins Not one but two Skate Canada pins from the 1980s feature failed attempts at calligraphic lettering. The 1985 Skate Canada pin is one of the two, with letters and numerals that are uneven in size and form, crowded and inconsistently spaced, and off-axis. There… Continue reading Another Wonky One. 1985.