1988 Canadian Figure Skating Championships Pins: Road to Calgary.

Profile: Lapel Pins – 1988 Canadian Figure Skating Championships, Victoria, Canada An Olympic year. 1988. And, in a bonus for Canadians, the Winter Games on home turf in Calgary the same winter. Ten years had passed since the last national figure skating championship had been staged in Victoria, British Columbia, but the 1988 Canadian Figure… Continue reading 1988 Canadian Figure Skating Championships Pins: Road to Calgary.

Lighting the Way. 1978.

Figure Skating Pins Profile: 1978 Canadian Championships Victoria, British Columbia, on Canada's west coast, is known for many things: the magnificent Empress Hotel and afternoon tea; abundant flowers from prolific gardens, including the famed Butchart Gardens; an elegant, old-world style that helps define the nearly 180-year-old provincial capital; the world's largest freestanding totem pole; and… Continue reading Lighting the Way. 1978.

Victor Victoria. 1984.

So many figure skating pins are round or rectangular that anything different is seen as a refreshing and welcome change. Such is the case with the pins made to commemorate the 1984 Skate Canada event, held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. A traditional shield shape marks the occasion and stands out as one of the more interesting pins from the annual event in the Great White North.