Design Sense and Sensibility. 1971.

A global center for banking and finance, Zürich, Switzerland, is situated on Lake Zürich in the north-central part of the country. The European Figure Skating Championships have been staged in Zürich twice, in 1951 and again 20 years later in 1971 (the event has not since returned to the city). The Netropolitan Museum of Figure Skating Pins is pleased to present three lapel pins from the 1971 event.

Alpine Glory II. 1948.

Held in the winter sports haven of Davos, Switzerland, from February 11 to 15, the 1948 World Figure Skating Championships were only the second to be contested following a seven-year suspension of the event (1940–1946) caused by World War II. At the 1948 Worlds, competitors and others received the well-made pin of the Internationaler Schlittschuhclub Davos as a keepsake of their participation.

Alpine Glory. 1947.

At the 1947 European Figure Skating Championships, held in Davos, Switzerland, the well-made pin of the Internationaler Schlittschuhclub Davos was given out as a memento to competitors and others associated with the event. The 1947 pin is one of only a few issued for a European Championship to feature a flower, in this case the much-beloved and well-known Edelweiss of Switzerland and Austria.

Moins est Plus. 1968.

Less is more. This is an interesting parallel that is seen in pins issued for World Figure Skating Championships and European Figure Skating Championships held in Geneva, Switzerland. And when it comes to the pin made to commemorate the 1968 World Figure Skating Championships, this parallel is perhaps best demonstrated.